Call for Expressions of Interest: Rice Community of Practice – Core group of experts

Call for Expressions of Interest: Rice Community of Practice – Core group of experts 2560 1707 aflp

Call for Expressions of Interest: Rice Community of Practice – Core group of experts

Rice production is a key component of Africa’s agriculture sector and is a staple crop in many African countries, particularly in West Africa. As demand for rice is projected to increase, many African countries are aiming to increase their rice production. However, Paddy rice is a key source of GHG emissions, particularly methane emission. To support low emission and climate resilient paddy rice production in Africa, having a collaborative network for key players to interact and share learning is vital. Peer-to-peer learning can support greater understanding of the contribution of rice emissions in the continent and to support shared efforts in developing sustainable production practices. 

AfCAP aims to convene a platform for peer-to-peer learning and collaboration amongst key African players within the paddy rice sector. The CoP will complement the broader AfCAP goal of advancing low emission and climate smart development through the following objectives:

  1. Promoting knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer exchanges among key players, programmes and country institutions within paddy rice sector
  2. Cultivate and support African climate champions and best practice within the paddy rice sector
  3. Support capacity development for the design and implementation of low emission and climate resilient rice production in Africa

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a common concern or interest in a topic and who come together to fulfil both group and individual goals. The CoP on rice in Africa, will revolve around different objectives such as:

  1. Creating network of key African countries engaged in paddy rice production
  2. Providing a platform and opportunities for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through regional engagements, annual meetings and other knowledge sharing events
  3. Supporting the generation of new knowledge and data to support mitigation and other climate action within the paddy rice sector
  4. Sharing and providing policy and technical support through technical exchange visits and technical assistance

The core group of experts will work with the AfCAP Secretariat to contribute to the Rice Community of Practice through technical and research support, report writing and stakeholder engagement.

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