About AfCAP

The African Climate Action Partnership (AfCAP) previously the Africa LEDS Partnership (AfLP) brings together representatives from governments, civil society and the private sector working to advance low emission development strategies across the continent. Under the umbrella of the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP) and alongside the other regional platforms in Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean,  AfCAP works to address LEDS priorities and challenges specific to Africa through peer-to-peer learning and engagement.

With a broad membership from over 40 countries across Africa, AfCAP works towards a prosperous, climate-resilient Africa, with inclusive green growth, for the welfare of current and future generations. It aims to promote low-carbon, climate-resilient development to support poverty alleviation, job creation and environmental management in Africa.

The objectives of the African Climate Action Partnership are threefold:

  1. Promote information exchange and coordination among LEDS programs and country institutions undertaking and supporting LEDS in Africa.
  2. Cultivate and support LEDS champions across Africa
  3. Enhance the capacity for the design and implementation of LEDS in Africa

As a Secretariat, we provide a platform for individuals and organisations from public, private and non-governmental sectors to share experiences, knowledge, lessons learned and best practices, and to collaborate/ coordinate on LEDS design and implementation. We also endeavour to facilitate engagement and linkages across networks and initiatives, thus contributing to the achievement of the Partnership’s objectives.

The GCAP technical working groups actively support implementation of LEDS through five cross-cutting themes: AFOLU, Energy, Finance, Resource Efficiency, and Transport. As a member of the AfCAP you can both contribute to, and benefit from the work of these five groups and their affiliated programmes.

AfCAP is free to join and members automatically qualify for membership to the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP). Included in this membership is access to remote expert support, training, and events. Members also receive bulletins from the AfCAP Secretariat, with the latest news and opportunities related to climate-resilient and low-emission development activities across Africa.





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