The AfLP Takes on a New Name, and New Livery

The AfLP Takes on a New Name, and New Livery 1640 442 Roy Bouwer

The AfLP Takes on a New Name, and New Livery

The Africa LEDS Partnership (AfLP) is rebranding as the African Climate Action Partnership (AfCAP). 2023 marks 10 years of the Africa LEDS Partnership (AfLP). Ahead of this key milestone, the partnership has reflected on what has been achieved and how our priorities have evolved. Over the last decade, the AfLP membership grew to over 39 countries and 800 members across the African continent as well as a range of international institutions. The partnership now has three active Communities of Practice(CoP) focused on Mini-grids, Livestock and Soil Organic Carbon and will soon be launching a new CoP focused on low emission and climate resilient paddy rice. With our ever-growing membership and maintaining our member driven approach we have since refined our strategic focus.

AfCAP remains a key regional platform of the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP), formerly the Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP). The key impetus for the rebrand of AfLP is to align better with the recently-rebranded  Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP).

The partnership is cognisant during this period of the name and visual recognition long associated with AfLP. The AfLP will thus treat this as a transition period to ensure that there is a gradual evolution so that the partnership does not lose that recognition. Over the next couple of months, AfLP will be rolling out the new branding (AfCAP). We will continue to keep our members and partners apprised along the way.

This change will not alter how AfLP works, or our focus on Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS). Rather, this will allow the partnership expand its focus to climate resilient development as a whole. Over time AfLP’s work has been involved in has extended above and beyond just LEDS. This rebrand will allow the partnership to broaden the scope of climate action work that AfLP has thus far been involved in.

As the AfCAP, we will continue to be a platform for peer learning. AfCAP’s aim remains the same:  fostering African Climate Champions with the intention to accelerate climate action on the continent of Africa. AfCAP is excited to embark on this new journey and excited for the membership to be a part of this.

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