Asia LEDS Partnership Forum 2021

Asia LEDS Partnership Forum 2021 600 377 KM

Asia LEDS Partnership Forum 2021

Advancing NDC Implementation and Strengthening Long-Term Strategies

24 August – 9 September 2021

The Asia LEDS Partnership is hosting its annual (virtual) ALP Forum this year from 24 August to 9 September. The Forum serves as the premier gathering of policymakers, donors, practitioners and other experts involved in enabling low-emission, climate-resilient development in Asia. It explores synergies and collaboration opportunities to advance climate change goals by supporting peer to peer learning, knowledge sharing and the identification of countries’ priority needs.

The Asia LEDS Forum 2021 will:

  • Provide examples of innovative cutting-edge solutions that have helped countries to raise their NDC ambitions and view a shift in the way of doing business;
  • Provide a platform for countries to share their learning and experience in formulating their ambitious policies and plans, and their assessment of the benefits of these transformative actions; and
  • Enable knowledge sharing of tools and methodologies and in-depth training on instruments to advance implementation and raise NDC and LEDS ambitions.

The three-day program will also include a Marketplace, where public and private sector organizations will be able to showcase their climate action initiatives and engage with conference participants.

To learn more about the event and register click here.

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